FAT (Food Around Tampa): Review of “Shamrock’s Ale House”

FAT (Food Around Tampa): Review of “Shamrock’s Ale House”


Hosts: Ben & Eric
Intro: Flogging Molly – Swagger

Sturgis – “Hey Ben do you want to add anything to this post before it goes up?”
Ben – “Not Really”

This time Ben&Eric head over to Temple Terrace to try out Shamrock’s Ale House.
Enjoy the show folks!

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the bitblastpodcast: Episode 8 10/14/2014

the bitblastpodcast: Episode 8 10/14/2014

Hosts: Sturgis, Garin, and Eric

Quick and to the point episode this week. Not another 2 and a half hour show this time around. We are trying to put up new content (1 Likes, 1 Hates aka BadTouch/Hosts Of Hostess/new episodes of FAT/ and Please, Divulge)
I (sturgis) was sick the past 2 weeks along with other going ons. So catch up with us on how Necronomicon 2014 went. Eric is still playing Destiny.…

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1 Likes, 1 Hates Let’s Play Chariot

1 Likes, 1 Hates Let’s Play Chariot

New every once in awhile show. We both play a game that one is excited to show the other, and the other person just… isn’t interested.
Sturgis likes Chariot; Garin could care less.
Presenting Bad Touch

… we may not stick with that name. 1 Likes, 1 Hates

-Sturgis (@zerosyphon)

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“Bestow Insight” and ye shall prosper.

Dear friend of the site (Otis) just launched a new site of his own that will bring you reviews of Table Top, Board Games, and Books.
the bitblastpodcast: Episode 7 09/29/2014

the bitblastpodcast: Episode 7 09/29/2014

Hosts: Sturgis, Garin, Franky, Vicious, and Loukas

Back again after 2 weeks to bring you more in depth talk about games and concepts.
This time we are joined by Franky, Vicious and Loukas. Capella is out this week due to scheduling.
Formally apologized on the show about the arguing last week. We promise to keep that out of our shows.

Intro: Lester’s Possum Park
Outro:  I 2 I

Check us out at Faceb…

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FAT (Food Around Tampa): Review of “Keith’s Oaks Bar And Grill”

FAT (Food Around Tampa): Review of “Keith’s Oaks Bar And Grill”

Hosts: Ben (aka  White Monotone Dude/I Bet You Do) and Eric (With sometimes Sturgis)

Welcome to a new addition to the bitblastnetwork – FAT (Food Around Tampa)
Today the originator of FAT took along some of the bitblastnetwork crew with him to Keith’s Oaks Bar And Grill for some eats.

Located at: 108 S Lithia Pinecrest Rd Brandon, FL 33511

Listen in to hear what we all thought.

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We told you new stuff was coming.

We told you new stuff was coming.

Please have a warm welcome ready for Ben and his show that he brings to the network – F.A.T. (or Food Around Tampa)
Food Around Tampa will bring you a review of culinary delicacies around the Tampa Bay Area. And if you know of any hole in the wall food shop that you think needs to be shared, let us know of it and we will send our man Ben to see if its good or not.

The first original episode of…

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Shows inbound!

Sturgis here to bring you all a little update on things in the pipeline.

The bitblastpodcast: Records every other week. Episode 6 just went up and it is a double length episode cause we goofed and didn’t record on a holiday haha. Go have a listen its shotgun-tastic.
We are always looking for people to come on and join in on our discussions. So if your interested contact myself (or any other of the…

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the bitblastpodcast: Episode 6 09/15/2014

the bitblastpodcast: Episode 6 09/15/2014

Hosts: Sturgis, Garin, Capella, and guest of show Vicious (Dustin)

After a extra week off (which we are greatly sorry about folks) we come back with a doozy of a long episode. So ahead of time we apologize if this is long and overdue. But get ready for a nice double length (Get it… cause we missed a week :D ) episode. Join us if you will for discussions on PAX Prime, Capella’s CSI, ArcheAge,…

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